Picture 3A little while ago, I made some films for Centred (a charity I have previously referred to as Kairos). The films were the product of a workshop I ran in conjunction with the Soho walking tour the charity runs. On December 11th they had their first public airing at the Centred Winter Warmer, which is a kind of performance / logistics evening in which everyone involved with relevant activities comes and speaks.
I briefly introduced the films, but one of the points I wanted to make, that may have been a little irrelevant given the audience, was that this is the first time I have tried a workshop in which the participants transform a social experience into an artistic one.

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SzzzImageStallmanAllTalkA while ago, I hosted a discussion between animal rights activist Louis Ng and free software advocate Richard Stallman. The latter, known for his lack of social skills, struck me as someone who is perfectly aware of how his behaviour is affecting others but doesn’t give a shit. I don’t think his behaviour is very different to the rest of us who continue to buy dangerous products because we don’t give a shit about the environment, labour rights or state surveillance. At the end of the night, when my friends and I were in the coffee shop in Kent Ridge, the ethical conflict I’d felt about whether to get in on a smartphone or tablet (which was why I was interested in talking to Stallman in the first place) had ceased. A few months later I’d saved enough for an ipad, and I’ve just signed up for a new phone this month.

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